What is MasterBookClub?

MasterBookClub is a place where we seek out the masters of many different fields and ask them the top three books they would recommend for someone looking to go from amateur to expert in that field.


What makes us different from other book clubs or book lists

There are many different book clubs and lists out there.  But MasterBookClub is a unique place because we bring together all of the masters in one place with a quick three-book list from each.  By keeping it to one master and three books each week, it is a fun and easy to digest post that you can look forward to.


How it works

You subscribe for free to the club, and we email you each week with the latest interview with an expert and their book recommendations.  Subscribing is always free.  We generate revenue if you buy books through the Amazon links throughout the site (which costs you nothing extra – we earn a commission on Amazon’s end).  That is what funds the site (the outreach to the experts and creation of the content, hosting costs etc.).


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions of masters you would like us to reach out to, we would love to hear from you here.