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Best-selling author Steven Pressfield’s 3 picks on becoming a better writer [of both books and screenplays]

Steven has become somewhat of a legend in the writing community and beyond.
He is a best-selling author, with many fiction titles under his belt such as The Legend of Bagger Vance, Gates of Fire, The Afghan Campaign and The Lion’s Gate. He has also written several screenplays. But more recently it is his non-fiction works The War of Art, Turning Pro and Do the Work which have earned him a cult-like following and an interview on Oprah.
Steven has been referred to as a mix between a master teacher and drill sergeant. His writings on self-sabotage on his blog and in his books are nothing short of genius. They should be considered required reading for anyone looking to create something extraordinary. Everything from a book to a new business.
You can find Steven on Twitter at @spressfield.
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The following book recommendations and quotes from Steven appear in the additional reading section of his site.

Steven’s 3 picks on writing

Bambi vs. Godzilla: On the Nature, Purpose, and Practice of the Movie Business

by David Mamet


Technically this isn’t a book about writing. It’s about Tinseltown and David Mamet’s love-hate relationship with it. But, along with Mamet’s witty and cantankerous evisceration of show biz, Bambi vs. Godzilla delivers masterly and extremely useful insights on getting movies made, surviving criticism, paying the rent and in general surviving Hollywood while retaining some scrap of sanity and integrity.

Mamet is not just any writer. When he takes on a subject, you get it in context succeeding context—commercial, aesthetic, moral, ethical, legal, Talmudic, Tantric and Vedic. It’s like reading Thucydides if he’d loaded his stuff into a ’65 Mustang and split for the Coast. 

The First Five Pages

by Noah Lukeman


As an agent and editor, Noah Lukeman read thousands of manuscripts from aspiring writers. He got to where he could tell in the first five pages if a submission was worth his time.

In this gem of a book, he tells you the most common mistakes writers make—and how to eradicate them from your manuscript.


Ernest Hemingway on Writing

by Larry W. Phillips


Papa never actually sat down and wrote a book about writing. Rather, editor Larry Phillips has compiled 140 pages of hard-core Hemingwayisms from the author’s books, stories, and letters.

Great material, particularly the fragments of correspondence to Scott Fitzgerald.